sixth day - part 2

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    Posted by Andie ( on July 08, 2005 at 00:26:22:

    In Reply to: Trip report - sixth day - part 1 posted by Andie on July 08, 2005 at 00:23:08:

    We park at Grizzly Overlook and get out the binoculars. There are lots of elk across the valley and some of them seem a little restless. We watch a group of half a dozen cows with calves move to the south. Suddenly they reverse course and move very quickly back to the north, keeping the calves to the center, surrounded by the cows. Although the other elk in the area are not yet moving, they do have heads up and all appear to be looking at something to the southeast. We know there must be a wolf or bear and we continue to scan. At almost the same instant, my husband and I realize that movement we see is not elk, and then its a bear. It is moving in and out of the trees and now the rest of the elk are moving to the north as well. We get out the scope. By this time we have identified the bear as a grizzly. A car with two older couples pulls in and they start looking across the valley. We tell them there is a grizzly and show them where to look. One of the women is from Eastern Europe and she is beside herself with excitement. When we get the scope focused on the bear, we invite them to look. I am almost as excited as they are and while I watch through my binoculars, the bear disappears into the trees. Almost simultaneously another bear appears maybe 50 yards to the south. We quickly focus the scope on the newcomer another grizz! We are trying to watch this one while hoping to catch another glimpse of the first one. They seem to be about the same size. While we watch, the second grizz stands on his hind legs and seems to look right at us. We continue to watch until this second bear also disappears in the trees. Even then, we give up reluctantly, staying until we know the daylight is too far gone for us to spot anything else.
    As we drive back to Canyon, we see three bull elk grazing, and a lone bison bull across the road from them. Besides these four critters, today we have seen hundreds of elk and bison, two grizzly bears, and a snowman.

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