Day 6 - Yellowstone

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    Posted by Greg ( on January 22, 2008 at 23:30:02:

    In Reply to: Day 5 - Old Faithful to Mammoth posted by Greg on January 22, 2008 at 23:28:55:

    We awoke on Monday it was a balmy 12 degrees outside, so we decided to sleep in a bit. Once we awoke, we packed the SUV and stopped for hot coca and then headed out for towards Lamar and then for steak and eggs at the Grizzly Pad in Cooke City.

    Still not much traffic this morning. We did notice that the area had received additional snow while we were at Old Faithful.

    As we were were leaving the Roosevelt area, there was a coyote sitting in the middle of the road. Just taking in the view. He then decided to lie down, blocking the center of the road. Another car came by and stopped and they were all excited. They got out and started taking photos. They told us, that this was there first wolf. We smiled and and told them welcome to Yellowstone.

    No much activity this morning, not many animals and no other cars until we reached Soda Butte. It was just us and the beautiful land we call Yellowstone.

    Passing Soda Butte, we noticed another car stopped in the road and he was out taking photos. He pointed towards the river and near round prairie we could see wolves....

    A big black one, man was he big. We counted 11 wolves. They then decided to lie down and soon they were covered in snow and you could not see them.. They looked like rocks. Guess that was our que to head to Cooke City.

    Just before leaving the NE entrance, we spotted a moose and her calf. Now this sure made the trip. Moose in winter in the park. We watched them for a bit before they headed into the brush.

    Breakfast at the Grizzly Pad was great, always is. Then Jan, (her and her husband John own the place) came over and said, you are from Arizona right? Yes, You still thinking of buying this place? Man, we have not seen Jan in 18 months and she remembers us. We had been talking to them for over 5 years about prices etc.

    We chatted a bit and told her is was not in the cards right now, but ???????

    We stopped back in to see Lisa and Steve, more hot coca and then headed out.

    We ran into the moose again, this time they were by the river right past Silver Gate.

    We headed back into the park and enjoyed the drive.

    Back at Round Prairie, there were no cars around, so we stopped and looked out, sure enough they were still there. But nap time was over. They got up and started to play. Ceri and I were the only ones watching these guys for a long time.

    A few others had now stopped and were watching them in their glory. Ceri mad a comment that they are watching the buffy's closely, maybe?

    We headed to back to towards Tower to see what was up and then turned around and headed back to the Soda Butte area. The snow was falling and the visibility was not very good and the Druids were not in view so we decided to head back to Gardiner. It was 4:45 and what sunlight we had would be gone shortly.

    On the way back we ran into a pack of 5 coyotes right past the bridge past Slough Creek. These guys were huge. They were on a mission and soon disappeared in the snow.

    Close to Little America, we came across s few buffy's walking down the road, taking there sweet ole time. They sure are fun to watch.

    We arrived back at the Lodge and had some soup for dinner and turned in.

    Another wonderful day in Yellowstone.....

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