Phoenix to Gardiner

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    Posted by Greg ( on January 22, 2008 at 23:23:16:

    We left the house at 3:45am to head to Sky Harbor Airport for our 6:45am flight.

    No problems with traffic and we arrived at the long term parking PCAA lot on time. As we were getting the luggage transferred to the van, the wind picked up and blew my file folder which I had placed on the roof of the car. This folder contained all of our reservation information, tickets etc. The papers were flying all over, on top of cars, under cars etc. We were on our hands and knees trying to reach them under the cars.

    The van driver said it was time to go and it looked like we had recovered all of the papers - Whew!

    A mile down the road I said, Oh-Oh. I asked the driver if we could return to the parking lot as I left my fanny pack with my wallet in it, in my car. After we drop the other passengers off, we can go back she says.. We drove through the airport stopping at terminal 4 and 3 and then back to retrieve my wallet in the parking lot a few miles away. At least I could still smile about it.

    After checking in, which was interesting since we switched from Frontier to United, United did not have us listed or have tickets for us. We then had to work with a supervisor who took care of everything, we proceeded through security. United took really good care of us.

    Once at the gate, we rearranged our carry-ons and boarded the plane.

    Once airborne, I noticed that the file folder was missing, again... Darn it, it must have fallen out while we were rearranging the carry on bags. Hope we do not need it.

    We arrived in Denver on time and with no problems. Our connecting gate was 10 gates away and we had a 2.5 hour wait, so we took out our new DVD player that Santa brought us, popped in Evan ElMighty, hooked up the headsets and watched a movie. One should not watch a funny movie in an airport with headsets, people look at you really funny when you laugh out loud.

    The next thing we new, we were landing in Billings. A great flight.

    Headed off to Hertz, where they gave us a choice of four SUV's. We took the Pathfinder and then retrieved our luggage, loaded up and headed to Yellowstone. Our goal was to be in the park before dark.

    Ceri and I made it with no problems, we even were able to make it out to Lamar before dark. If only we would driven another mile....

    Tons of bison, elk, black tail deer and a real close up with a bald eagle.

    We had a dinner date with Roadie, BallPark Frank and auwingwalker (Frank 2) for pizza at the Town Grill. Good pizza. Great seeing old friends again. We talked for a few hours, then we all departed. Love you guys.

    Not much snow in the northern part of the park, roads are ok, lots of icy spots were the sun does not shine and the buffy jams were many.

    The elk and bison look very healthy.

    Gas prices are $3.15 in Gardiner, but only $2.94 in Livingston.

    I-90 was clear, no snow or ice spots. Lots of wind.

    We will be out in Lamar at sunrise looking for wolves, then on to Cooke City to see Lisa and Steve.

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