Day 5

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    Posted by Paula ( on August 24, 2005 at 21:50:55:

    In Reply to: Day 4 posted by Paula on August 24, 2005 at 21:49:39:

    THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 2005

    We woke up to a sunny, bright morning after the rain during the night – hooray! We weren’t in a hurry so made a “one pot” breakfast of sausage, potatos, onions and scrambled eggs.
    We drove through Norris to Canyon and got out to enjoy the views at Inspiration Point, the Brink of the Falls and Artist Point.
    Then we continued south through the Hayden Valley to fish in Lake Yellowstone. We saw quite a few more bison crossing the road and beside it everywhere. We stopped at the Lake Village General Store. The boys walked over to the lake to fish, we iced down more drinks and got some t-shirts. The boys had not luck fishing again so we drove up to Fishing Bridge. At the store there we downloaded our pictures on the camera to a CD since the memory stick was full. I noticed that the bearspray there was $45, $5 cheaper than what I paid at Cabela’s in Kansas City. (We had realized that I had lost the expired can from Glacier at some point during the hailstorm on Mt. Washburn yesterday.)
    Our next stop was Norris Geyser Basin. The young men were suffering “Geyser Fatigue” and stayed in the van playing video games. (They did get out and hike around the basin after the game was finished.) We went around the Porcelin Basin Loop, seeing Constant Geyser erupt twice as well as quite a few small ones. We waited 40 minutes for Echinus but never saw it erupt. We did see Steamboat’s minor eruptions of 10 feet four times from two different vents which was neat because the last time we were here it was dormant and not even steaming. People watching told us that all the indicators of a major eruption were present.
    On the way back to camp we stopped at the Tuff Cliff turnout for a few minutes of football (the guys were carrying a football everywhere and playing catch with it down all the trails. We saw a HUGE bull elk on the way to Madison. It was raining by the time we arrived at the campground so we read in the van & the guys played video games. When it stopped briefly I got chips & salsa out to eat in the van because we were all getting hungry. Finally the rain stopped and I heated chili and we grilled hotdogs over the fire for chilidogs. I also made coffee for the thermos tomorrow morning so we could get away early to get a campsite at Grand Teton NP.
    It was still rainy so Rick & I decided to drive to Old Faithful for gas before the station closed. This would save us a stop in the morning so we could get to Grand Teton early enough to get a campsite with a good view. Rick had seen a tall cone at the Firehole Lake Drive and wanted to check it out, but it was dark by the time we reached the turnoff. We decided to drive through anyway and try to see it with the headlights or flashlights. The car in front of us turned into the Firehole Lake Drive which surprised us since it was dark. But he was driving quickly and pulled away from us. Just a short way into the drive we came around a corner and there were about 30 cars and motor homes parked by the road with people sitting in chairs by the road. Ah ha! Geyser Jam! We joined them for 45 minutes watching Great Fountain Geyser. Someone had a spotlight so we could really see the eruptions – it was great! It would die down every once in a while and then build back up with successive spurts. It also would jet out different directions. We couldn’t believe how much water it put out, it was pitch dark and we could hear several inches of water of runoff right next to the road. We could also hear it underground before it would erupt. It was just luck that we got to see it. In fact, we forgot all about the dome we’d come to see.
    Back at camp it was raining & lightening was flashing so Rick, Preston & Daniel went to bed. I stayed up and read for awhile and then turned in, too.

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